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Dream about the peace and tranquility of the 1700s
Imagine the cool and quiet of ancient walls, of a village surrounded by nature

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We propose the sale of an eighteenth-century house, in need of refurbishment, in Donato, a village 720m.a.s.l. In the Elvo valley.

Proposta casa a Donato

This is a historic building which conserves the characteristics of the local traditional building styles.

The house stands in a closed courtyard and is made up of two adjoining buildings of three storeys. The house looks onto a small garden protected by the surrounding wall. There is also a small garden at the back of the house.

The two wooden balconies in Alpine style are of particular interest. The slate roof (which also covers the ancient wooden entrance).

The property is flanked on two sides by comunal roads, opposite a characteristic square with a fountain.

Refurbishment of this property would reveal a magnificent residence of about 140 square metres.

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Panorama Donato BI