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Construction company Donato

Impresa Festa Rainero is a family-run company operating in the scenic Elvo valley

The company is active in the property refurbishment sector and combines 25 years of experience in the area and the owner's expertise (surveyor) with his wife's qualifictions (a degree in architecture from Turin's Politecnico).

Our activities cover quality refurbishments, new builds, indeed all project types in this sector.

In the near future we plan to undertake a parallel project to construct buildings in cement using handcrafts which have fallen into disuse.

Our Philosophy
A house is not just a house. If it is built be people who devote passion and sacrifice, it becomes somewhere where we embrace and protect our life stories.

For 25 years we have refurbished and experimented,
we have connected with clients full of inspiration, in a continual exchange of stimuli and information. 

Our human and work experiences have been enriched and our projects have enchanced our professional activity.

Our work is evolving continuously, a harmonious synergy of learning, familiarity with the materials -from those local to the most innovative- and the construction techniques of the best craftsmanship.

Country Homes
Country homes are simple splendid basics, strong and stalwart stone barriers which protect us while simultaneously forming an imperceptible filter between the house and the surrounding natural habitat.
It is a place of memories, a place of regeneration, it's the place where, finally free, you can find that longlost simplicity, for your own life or to start up a new activity, like our dear friends in La Fonte Preziosa


Impresa Edile Festa Rainero